Replacing Bad Habits With Good

Too many people are quick to take physical well-being and fitness for granted until it is too late and they find themselves without it. It is a familiar story. No matter how many examples individuals see of the impact such things as lack of exercise, poor nutrition, harmful lifestyle habits and preferences and stress on the health and well-being, physical and mental of others, they have a tendency to ignore it. They tuck it out of sight and out of mind, categorizing it as “someone else’s problem” – that is until it comes home to roost over their own door.

Yet, although you may have the best of intentions, it is never easy to replace old habits with ones that optimize both your fitness and energy levels. This is particularly true if you feel you have little or no support in the task. This is where a health coach comes into play. Health coaching is a wonderful way of helping us get onto the right track and staying there. The role of a health coach is to act as both your guide and champion. This results in a strong basis of motivation and makes it much easier for you to locate what you need to achieve your short and long term goals concerning health and fitness.

One of the biggest problems individuals face is their own unrealistic approach to the problem. They set goals to improve their overall fitness and health or to simply address a specific health issue that are not probable. They are unrealistic and can make it difficult and stressful to achieve. This increases the level of disappointment and sensation of failure. The result is a resurgence of the old habits. If, however, you work together with a health coach, you will be guided through a process of identifying, selecting and implementing distinct and achievable objectives. A life coach will also help you through the process and, in doing so you will acquire the basic tools you need to create for yourself an improved quality of life.

Another problem facing many who wish to alter their current bad habits to improve their health and fitness level in general is the availability of what can only be termed as generic information. The guidance and instruction one can access tends to be applicable in a variety of broad or non-specific situations. This contradicts the individual wants and needs of every human. Where they come from, their situation and circumstance varies one-from-the-other. This is also applicable to what they need and hope to achieve. It is obvious that if anyone wants to make progress, they need an approach that is tailored to their own requirements. It is the only way to motivate them towards a successful change. Health coaching is designed to look at each and every individual. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Health coaching allows everyone to feel a part of their own personal transformation as coaches guide him or her through the steps necessary to address personal needs. Under a health coach the program will fit in with the individual’s own life style including the demands of time and place.

A health coach is not to be confused with a personal trainer. An online coach cannot be there physically urging someone on to do more, eat less and direct the level and type of physical exertion. A health coach works on a different level. He or she guides the client through the sometime painful process of discovering and comprehending what their goal actually is. A health coach helps a client realize and utilize his or her own personal strength, motivation and inner being to accomplish the goals at hand. This is more effective since it works on changing from within not relying on the rote directions from some external force. It is easier to obtain what we really want when we are provided with the right tools, are truly self-motivated and have the support we require. If these are all in place it is much easier to make those changes in our life we need, finding motivation and determination to succeed within us.